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8 Billion

Looking closer.

//8 Billion
8 Billion.
8 Billion
  • Genre : Electronic

After watching the movie Before the Flood, I was filled with a mix of frustration and fear, but also hope. I’ve felt deeply moved over the past several years to do more and to become more involved with this story of our earth and how to protect her.

I make music, and the power of story telling through sound is evident in the way music can empower and transform an individual. As a life long fan of Trent Reznor, I offer my vision of his song “8 Billion” from the movie’s soundtrack. The original song is deep, dark and beatless, yet it pulls light from a depth of understanding and compassion.

I must’ve listened to this song a hundred times in a row after I first heard it. A couple days later, I got home from a night out listening to music and dancing with friends, purchased the album and got to work on the remix.

This remix was almost effortless. I let the base of the original track guide me through the motions. I broke it up into several key parts which I’d carefully stitch together as I went. Layering the beats was so much fun. I played the keys of the orginal song into a few different midi channels, layered those and added effects where necessary, adding a personal touch. I gave more life to this work of art and it gave me something back in return.

All in all the track took about 35 hours to complete. Software/Hardware I used: Ableton Live 9, Maschine mk2 controller, and an Oxygen 8v2 Keyboard.

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