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music is oxygen
Producer | Beat MAKr

Music is oxygen.
It is fuel for the fire.

Been at this for quite some time now. From the early days of analog tape, bouncing tracks on a Tascam 4-Track recorder, and lots of hardware to now, where I’m using a few special tools(Maschine/Ableton to name a few) to bring my ideas to life. I remember learning about the software Reason and becoming obsessed with making music on a computer. I found the ease and speed of creating sounds and beats mesmerizing. The depth you could go into one single sound made me feel like some kind of sonic explorer. The process of tinkering, layering and editing something into a song is total freedom. Turn on the machine, tap into something technical and create. There was no wrong thing to do. No rules in this game. Every module, knob, button, and graph could be manipulated.

My current setup includes the Akai APC-40, Maschine 2.0 controller, and various keyboards running through Ableton Live.

I keep the dance floor in mind, as well as the long car ride when producing music. Translating my experience through these sounds is my way of inspiring you to dig deep and create something of your own.


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